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Dialog3G Universal Unit






The Dialog 3G™ Universal unit enables external connection to a variety of meters types. Meters with a suitable electrical pulse output can easily be integrated into the Dialog 3G™ metering management system. The Dialog 3G™ Universal unit is suited for different input connection types such as the "Single switch type", where up to four independent meters can be connected to one 3G Universal unit. Each input has its own reading/programming parameters. "Single input type" for PD meters with a 3 wire pulse output, or serial communication for individual multiphase electricity meters. Controlled I/O Universal unit for MagneLatch type Valves.

Parameters Description
Description Dialog 3G™ Universal unit
Input Connection Type Dry contact reed switch, Open collector transistor or optocoupler switch, 3 wires PD meter encoder
Input Specification Minimum Input pulse width – 100mSec (5Hz)Maximum Input cable length - 12 meters
Box Size 105mm x 80mm x 40mm
Weight ~ 380 grams
Power Supply  3.6 Volts, Internal lithium battery
Operational Life 10 years
Sensitivity  -90dBm
RF Receive Bitrate DS mode: 41.156kbps
WB / NB mode: 19.82kbps
RF Transmit Bitrate DS mode: 60.3625kbps
WB / NB mode: 59.454kbps
902 - 928MHz
902 - 928MHz
Transmission Modulation Direct Sequence (DS), Wide Band (WB), Narrow Band (NB)
Meter Interface Types Clip on type: Non wired for central pointer.Single switch type: 1-4 dry contact pulse inputs.
Controlled I/O Universal unit for MagneLatch type Valves.
Wakeup Periodic – internal timer
Configuration Storage Non-volatile memory
Environment IP-67
Operating Temp. operating : -10° C to 75° C
storage : -20° C to 85° C
Humidity Max. 100%
Reading /Programming Parameters ID No 8 character numeric
Reading 9 digits, numeric, Identical to meter display
Type Meter type selection: Water Meter, Gas Meter, Gas Switcher, Gas Tank, Electric Meter, Other
Factor Programmable reading unit factor
Battery Low battery indication
Back Flow Reading indication and CCW alarm
Leak Leak detection indication and alarm
Transmission self activation
 Magnet beacon  For ID recover