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Dialog3G Cellular -

AMR Transmitter



TThe Dialog3G Cellular™ is a self powered unit for cellular metering
and control.
It has two main applications:
• As an efficient solution for main supply meters in remote locations
• As a small concentrator for up to 500 meter

Dialog3G Cellular™ can be connected to digital, analog and Dialog
3G water meters. With its built in GPRS Modem, the Dialog3G CellularTM
uses available cellular networks for transmiting meetering data to
the Dialog3G control center. This self powered unit can transmit its
accumulated data numerous times each day, subject to programming.



• Leaks
• Tamper
• High and low flows
• Water level and pressure
• Low battery indication
• Meter reading indication and CCW alarm

Technical Specifications

Operational life Up to 7 years, depending on programming parameters
Power supply 2 or 8 lithium batteries, size D
Protocols TCP/IP over GPRS, Text/UDP for SMS
Transmission standards UMDS GPRS / GSM
Frequencies 800 / 900 / 1700 / 1800 MHz
Environment IP-67 rated
Operating Temperatures  -20° C to +60° C
Humidity Max. 90%
Dimensions 160x130x60mm
Weight with 2 batteries: 1.15kg
with 8 batteries: 1.8 kg (external antenna)
Installation Wall or pipe mounting