Collaboration with IBM

Arad Group, a world leader in the field of water measurement solutions and services, today announced a new agreement with software giant IBM to embed technologies and advanced algorithms in Arad’s flagship solution Dialog3G AMR/AMI in order to provide high-quality water analysis services.

By using Arad’s Dialog3G, utilities and water companies can benefit from the industry’s most advanced water analysis abilities. IBM’s cutting edge algorithms enable Arad to provide its customers with even earlier indication of abnormal joint consumption, rapid and reliable detection of faults, optimization features and other advantages.

“By bringing together the proven abilities of IBM and Arad Group, we have further strengthened the position of Arad as a technological worldwide leader in the field of providing advanced water measurement solutions and services,”

“Water companies and utilities can reduce costs, improve customer service and show higher efficiency. This reflects Arad leading position in the forefront of providing water metering solutions.”

Gabi Yankovitz, CEO of Arad Group.


A recent report published by IBM Global Business Services indicates that the world’s water systems suffer from stress, declining water quality and aging and insufficient infrastructure, resulting in water leaks that account for billions of lost liters per day, thus wasting an alarming percentage of the world’s water.

“Without smarter water management, the ability of the water system to meet the critical needs of people and business will be compromised in virtually every country of the world. The world needs smarter water management, and it needs it now,” IBM experts stated.

“By using information and analytics to deliver improved outcomes across the water management lifecycle, governments, utilities and businesses can take the critical steps necessary to begin the process of creating intelligent, instrumented and interconnected systems that preserve and protect our most valuable resource,” they  concluded.