What REALLY Makes a City Smart?

Although there were cities as early as 4000 BC, ancient cities were generally small and had to be supported by much larger rural populations. Truly urbanized societies, in which a high proportion of the population lives in cities, developed only …
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Smart Water — By the Numbers

The smart water management market is a substantial part of the water business. With $1 trillion to be invested in infrastructure by 2022, publicly-traded water utilities and other water-oriented companies should be part of any wise investor’s portfolio.

Who is Stealing Your Water?

Water utilities are tasked with providing homes and businesses in a defined district with a reliable supply of safe, usable water. In return for this service, they collect revenues. Sounds simple, right? The “classic” Water Balance Table in the upper …
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Arad holds technical sessions for Portuguese water companies

Representatives of the Arad Group recently conducted a series of technical sessions for water companies and utilities in Portugal. Experts from Arad, together with representatives of Portuguese company Hubel Industria da Agua, which represents Arad in Portugal, met with several …
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Arad buys Mexico’s leading water meter manufacturer Cicasa

Arad Group has acquired a controlling stake in Mexico’s leading water meter manufacturer Cicasa (Compania Industrial Y Comercial Del Agua). The acquisition will enable Arad to combine its advanced water measurement solutions with Cicasa’s existing products, to substantially expand its …
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Smart water metering market to reach $5.18 billion by 2017

The global smart water metering market is expected to increase from $3.48 billion in 2013 to $5.18 billion in 2017, according to a new report published by research company Frost & Sullivan. Frost & Sullivan, which named the Arad Group with the 2014 …
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Arad Group to receive 2014 Frost & Sullivan Innovation Award

The Arad Group has been awarded the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Emerging Market Innovation Award for Information Technology-based Water Management. The award will be presented to Arad for its well-devised emerging market strategy. Frost & Sullivan noted that, acknowledging utilities’ …
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