April 2016

The newest product of Arad- the Residential Ultrasonic Water Meter “Sonata” won the prestigious “iF design award“.

Arad received the award as a manufacturer together with the designers of “Taga”.

design award 2016 ziv nahari

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February 2014

The Arad Group has been awarded the 2014 Frost & Sullivan Emerging Market Innovation Award for Information Technology-based Water Management. Frost & sullivan 1  watch the video read the blog post read the press release download report


February 2012

Arad Technologies has won the Mekorot award for innovation and excellency in water preservation. February 2012 – “Mekorot”, the Israeli national water company, has awarded Arad Technologies’s Dialog3G AMR System, the “Mekorot” award at its 75th anniversary. The award was given for innovation and excellency in water preservation and management, and took place at the “KNESSET” (Israel’s parliament) by the minister of energy. mekorot award 2012 read more    


British Israeli Business Award In an event organized by the British-Israel chamber of commerce (B-ICC) , Arad was named The Israeli company of the year 2010 by the British- Israel . The award expresses the appreciation of the business community for the long time operation of Arad in the United Kingdom and the award of the Southern Water tender for the supply of water meters during the next 5 years. award 2010 The UK was targeted by Arad years ago as the preferred market for implementing its products and services including water management systems. The combination of sophisticated products with which Arad gained experience in the Israeli market in which water is not metered, assured the success of marketing efforts made by Arad.